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Barend Pieterz Blom
Circa 1666-1720

Catharina "de Beer"

Geertruida Blom

Born Circa 1701, Drakenstein 1
Died Circa 18 July 1730, Cape Province, South Africa 2


Geertruida's baptism appears to be one of those in the missing pages of the Drakenstein Baptism book. The Muster Roll of 1702 [#1] shows "Barend Pieterse Blom & Catrijn deBeer 3 k". So, she has to have been the third child, as the baptisms of the other two are documented. Since Pierre was baptised in April 1699, we add a typical two years for the next child, Geertruida. In this way we arrive at 1701 as her approximated year of birth. The 1702 Muster Roll was taken on 23 January 1702. So, we know her date of birth is before that.

For the references, see below#

Married 30 May 1717 at Drakenstein 3

Pieter Booyens Died 1777
Regional Councillor, Farmer, and Militia officer, Drakenstein
of Drakenstein 4

d. c1771

Maria Elisabeth



Jurrien Petrus

d. c1801

d. c1772

Children of Geertruida Blom and Pieter Booyens

Brechie Booyens Died Circa 1771
Baptised 5 December 1717, Drakenstein 5
Died Circa 1771, Cape 6

 x Married 29 November 1739 Drakenstein 7
Pieter du Plessis Died Circa 1769
Farmer of Wagenmakers Vallei 8
Baptised 21 March 1717, Drakenstein 9
Died Circa May 1769, Drakenstein 10

Notes: Third child and second son of Jean Louis du Plessis and Madeleine Rossouw

Maria Elisabeth Booyens Died 1778
Baptised 1719, Drakenstein 11
Died 1778, Cape Province, South Africa 12

 x Married 24 June 1742 Drakenstein 13
Jacob Marais Died 1787
of Drakenstein 14
Baptised 10 December 1719, Drakenstein 15
Died 17 June 1787, Le Plessis Marle, Drakenstein 16

Notes: Son of Stephanus Marais and Maria Elisabeth de Villiers

Johannes Booyens Died 1763
Baptised 15 July 1721, Drakenstein
Died Between 30 June 1763 and 11 August 1763, Drakenstein

 x Married 21 April 1748 Drakenstein
Magdalena du Plessis Died 1815

Catharina Booyens Died 1796
Baptised 21 March 1723, Drakenstein 17
Died After 1796 18

 x Married 8 November 1750 Paarl, Kaap 19
Jacob de Villiers Died 1784
Baptised 6 April 1727, Drakenstein 20
Died 18 February 1784, Paarl, Kaap

Notes: Son of Jacobus de Villiers and Louise Joubert

Jurrien Petrus Booyens Died 1730
Baptised 5 May 1725, Drakenstein 21
Died Before 18 July 1730, Drakenstein 22

Barent Booyens Died Circa 1801
Baptised 22 June 1727, Drakenstein
Died Circa 1801, Zwartruggens in the Graaff-Reinet "Colonie"

 x Married 28 January 1748 Drakenstein
Elizabeth Catharina Strydom Died 1814
of Swartruggens district of Graaff-Reinet

Geertruida Booyens Died Circa 1772
of the Farm Groendal in the Wagenmakers Vallei 23
Baptised 7 July 1729, Drakenstein 24
Died Circa July 1772, the Farm Groendal in the Wagenmakers Vallei 25

 x Married 14 February 1762 Paarl, Kaap 26
Charl du Plessis
Baptised 22 December 1722, Drakenstein 27

Notes: Fourth child and third son of Jean Louis du PLessis and Magdalena Rousseau. He was first married to Maria van Ellewee, and remarried to Maria Susanna van Niekerk on 20 December 1772 after the death of Geertruy Booyens. The marriage to Geertruy represented the third marriage between these Du Plessis siblings and the Booyens family.

# References for the NOTES of Geertruida Blom

[#1] Drakenstein Muster Roll: LINK

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