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Judith Margaretha Susara Reineke

Born 18 March 1838 1
Baptised 19 August 1838, Cradock 2


Judith is the second of six daughters of Adam Johannes Reineke and Hendrina Maria Magdalena van der Merwe, who are witnesses at Judith's first two child baptisms with Daniel Jan Andries Booyens in the Potchefstroom Parish of the Hervormde kerk of the old Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (the Transvaal Republic). Adam and Hendrina were married in the Dutch Reformed Church of Cradock in the Cape Colony on 24 April 1831 [#1].

Adam Johannes is listed as one of the men who fought at the seminal Battle of Blood River on 16 December 1838. The present author has not independently confirmed this, and there were other plausible candidate men of the identical name alive at the time. The battle is described in detail, blow by blow, in AmaBhulu.

Though her 20 October 1855 confirmation [#2] in the church shows the family is based at the eastern end of the high Suikerbosrand ridge, there is at the time no physical church building and the people of the wyk are tended to by the immigrant Dutch Minister of the Church based in Potchefstroom, Dirk van der Hoff. The confirmation takes place at the home of David Francois Jacobs and her birthday is given as 18 March 1838.

We can trace her parents as witnesses in Winburg in the Free State on 6 April 1851, when her brother Josias Petrus Albertus Reineke baptises [#3] a son named for her father.

Daniel will father a few more children by Judith in the Potchefstroom District, and the couple still acts as a witnesses [#4] at Potchefstroom to the 14 March 1862 baptism of his grandson Daniel Jan Andries, son of Barend Matthys, his own youngest son; and then he simply disappears without a death notice. As explained in his own notes, we place his death aronnd 1863 at the age of 73.

Judith marries again, this time to David Francois Jacobs. We do not know whether it is the same Davis Francois Jacobs at whose house she was confirmed ten years earlier. We cannot find the marriage, which is likely in the Potchefstroom Hervormde Parish, but we do find the couple baptising in the newly formed Heidelberg Parish of the Hervormde Kerk on 31 December 1865 [#5].

Over the next few years Judith gives David several children. We have not been able to trace either Judith's or David's death notices, but we can tell from her mother's death notice [#6] that Judith is still alive and married to David in 1878. She is then 40 years old.

For the references, see below#

Married 19 May 1855 at Potchefstroom Hervormde Kerk 3

Daniel Jan Andries Booyens1790- Circa 1863
Stock Farmer 4
of the Traka in the South Karoo (1824); and the Tarka east of Cradock (1842) 5

Hendrina Maria Magdalena

Adam Johannes
1857 -

Martinus Johannes

Judith Susara Margaretha
1860 -

Children of Judith Margaretha Susara Reineke and Daniel Jan Andries Booyens

Hendrina Maria Magdalena Booyens Born 1856
Born 3 April 1856 6
Baptised 7 May 1856, Potchefstroom Hervormde Kerk 7

Adam Johannes Booyens 1857-1900
Born 14 October 1857, Bleskoplaagte, Heidelberg Tvl
Baptised 3 January 1858, Potchefstroom Hervormde Kerk
Died 13 December 1900, Nooitgedacht, Transvaal Republic

 x Married 26 November 1879 Heidelberg, Potchefstroom District
Wilhelmina Jacoba Strydom 1861-1943

Martinus Johannes Booyens Born 1859
Born 28 January 1859 8
Baptised 9 May 1860, Potchefstroom Hervormde Kerk 9

Judith Susara Margaretha Booyens 1860-1887
Born 1860
Died 15 October 1887, Pretoria

 x Married (1) 16 June 1879 Heidelberg
Coenraad Frederik Jacobus Nel Died 1882
 x Married (2) 5 January 1883 Heidelberg, Transvaal
Barend Pieter Booyens Circa 1840-1921

# References for the NOTES of Judith Margaretha Susara Reineke

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