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Matthys Johannes Booyens

Sara Susanna Snyman

Petrus Johannes Booyens

Gesina Maria Botha

Willem Jacobus Booyens

Born Circa 1896 1
Died Before 1971 2


Willem Jacobus has proven a difficult man to place correctly in the Booyens family tree, not least because his name is incorrectly given as Willem Johannes on more than one document. We have not been able to find any birth or baptism information for him. However, we have clear birth and baptism information for his siblings, and a reasoned date of birth for his sister Sara. We therefore conclude he is born ca. 1896. That would also be consistent with the date of birth of his first child in early 1916 and the age of his wife.

He marries Marthina Johanna Caalsen at some point around 1916, likely in the Free State where we can place her family. His first child, Pieter Johannes, typically named for husband's father, is born in Fouriesburg in the East Free State on 31 March 1916. This leads us to list Willem as the child of Pieter Johannes Booyens an Maria Gesina Botha. It also leads one to believe that his marriage was in that general area circa 1916. That child is baptised in Ladybrand, a Free State headquarters of the wider Booyens family.

In fact, he registers [#1] as a member of the Ladybrand Congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church in Ladybrand on 14 October 1916. At the time he is recorded as transferring from Fouriesburg. Ladybrand is the same parish where Marthina Johanna Caalsen is confirmed 4 years earlier in 1912. She is now just over 20 years old, and has borne him their first son some six months earlier.

For the references, see below#

Married Circa 1916 3

Marthina Johanna Caalsen1896-1971

Pieter Johannes
1916 -

Benjamin Jacobus Johannes
1917 -

Willem Jacobus
1921 -

Magdalena Elizabeth
1924 -

Children of Willem Jacobus Booyens and Marthina Johanna Caalsen

Pieter Johannes Booyens 1916-1982
Born 31 May 1916, Fouriesburg 4
Baptised 11 September 1916, Ladybrand 5
Died 9 October 1982, Bethlehem 6

 x Married 29 April 1939 Bloemfontein 7
Catharina Jacoba Grobler Born Circa 1915
Born Circa 1915 8

Benjamin Jacobus Johannes Booyens 1917-1981
Born 23 December 1917 9
Baptised 28 January 1918, Ladybrand 10
Died May 1981 11

 x Married (1) 7 March 1939 Bloemfontein 12
Johanna Louisa Mitchell 1917-1986
Born 14 December 1917 13
Died 15 November 1986, Bloemfontein 14

 x Married (2) Before 1948 Unknown place 15
Anna Catharina Booysen
 x Married (3) Before 1978 Unknown place 16
Anne Elizabeth Lezar

Willem Jacobus Booyens 1921-1967
Born 5 October 1921 17
Baptised 17 November 1921, Ladybrand 18
Died 30 January 1967 19
Buried Voortrekkerhoogte, New Military Cemetery 20

Magdalena Elizabeth Booyens 1924-2004
Born 3 August 1924 21
Died 9 January 2004, Pretoria 22

Notes: Magdalena Elizabeth has a cousin of the identical name, because they are both named after the same Caalsen grandmother, their mothers being two sisters married to two Booyens brothers. The present Magdalena may be distinguished from her identically named cousin by the fact that the cousin's name does not appear on that cousin's father's 1971 death notice, implying that she had died by then.

 x Married 2 November 1942  24
Marthinus Cornelius Nortman 23 1921-1968
Born 28 August 1921 25
Died 10 January 1968, Pretoria 26

# References for the NOTES of Willem Jacobus Booyens

#1. Membership Book (1906-1930) of the Dutch Reformed Parish of Ladybrand. Page 58, third entry from the top. LINK

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