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Matthys Booyens

Catharina Elizabeth Esterhuizen
Died 1880

Jan Christoffel Anthony Booyens

Hendrika Jacoba Gross

Matthys Christoffel Booyens

Burgher Police and farmer
Born 13 September 1868, Prince Albert 1
Died 13 October 1934, lot 29, Schweizer-Reneke

Married at Hoopstad

Anna Sophia Brits Circa 1873-1949

Jan Christoffel Antonie

Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus
1895 -

Johanna Margaretha

Matthys Christoffel
1899 -

Henrietta Mathilda

Willem Theodorus (unclear)

Theunis Johannes
c1901 -

Anna Sophia


Children of Matthys Christoffel Booyens and Anna Sophia Brits

Jan Christoffel Antonie Booyens Born 1893
Born 30 October 1893 2
Baptised 7 January 1894, Hoopstad, Free State Republic 3


Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus Booyens 1895-1943
Born 14 October 1895, Free State Republic 4
Baptised 1 December 1895, Hoopstad 5
Died 19 October 1943, New Hanover, Pietersburg District

 x Married Pietersburg
Aletta Sophia Christina Engelbrecht

Johanna Margaretha Booyens Born 1897
Born 9 August 1897 6
Baptised 7 November 1897, Hoopstad 7

 x Married
Pieter van Zyl

Matthys Christoffel Booyens 1899-1902
Born 15 August 1899, Nieuwaanligt Farm, Hoopstad 8
Baptised 1 October 1899, Hoopstad, Free State Republic 9
Died 3 February 1902, Brandfort Concentration camp

Henrietta Mathilda Booyens Died 1966
Died 1966

 x Married
Charles Hermanus Olivier

Willem Theodorus (unclear) Booyens

Theunis Johannes Booyens Circa 1901-1902
Born Circa February 1901
Died 3 March 1902, Brandfort Concentration camp

Anna Sophia Booyens
 x Married
Lodewyk Johannes Strauss

Magdalena Booyens Born 1915
Born 16 January 1915

 x Married
Marthinus Jacobus Backer

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The surnames in the Booyens family tree   |   The names of the people in the Booyens family   |   The sources from which the Booyens information is drawn  |  
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