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Mattheus Booyens
Died Circa 1816

Anna Gouws
Died 1843

Barend Matthys Booyens

Elizabeth Johanna Venter
Died 1870

Matthys Booyens

of Hoopstad District
Born 16 September 1809, Schilpadbeen 1
Baptised 27 November 1809, Swellendam 2
Died 6 January 1888, Groot Constantia, Hoopstad 3


We first meet Matthys in 1824 when he appears as the single son in his father's entry in the Beaufort Opgaafrol [#1]. In the next bound Opgaaf journal J12 (likely for 1825, because the totals are certified on 17 February 1826) he appears in his own right immediately below his father's entry as a young man of more than 16 years of age. He owns two horses [#2]. In this year his father is shown as paying school fees. Given the era, this is more than likely for him. The 1828 Opgaafrol [#3] still shows him there with two horses. His entry (No.43) reads "Matthys BardSon" and is immediately below that of his father.

By 1829 we find Matthys with his wife in the same region, where he appears in that year's Opgaaf. [#4]

On 10 April 1842 he and his wife are witnesses to a baptism in the Winburg Parish of the Dutch reformed Church, north of Bloemfontein[#5].

They are referred to as "Matthijs Boyense Catarina Elisabet Esterhuyse" We repeatedly find them in these books. On 9 April 1855 they are again witnesses in Beaufort, but the odd thing is that their own last son, Andries Gijsbert*~1850, is NOT baptised there.

For the references, see below#

Married 21 June 1829 at Beaufort-Wes 4

Catharina Elizabeth Esterhuizen Died 1880

Catharina Elizabeth Johanna
1830 -

Barend Matthys
1835 -

Johannes Christoffel

Johanna Susanna Magdalena Hermiena
1839 -

Susanna Petronella Jacoba
1841 -

Matthys Christoffel
1845 -

Jan Christoffel Anthony
1847 -

Andries Gijsbert
c1850 -

Children of Matthys Booyens and Catharina Elizabeth Esterhuizen

Catharina Elizabeth Johanna Booyens 1830-1879
of Swanepoelsaanleg, DIstrict Prince Albert, Cape Colony
Born 20 July 1830 5
Baptised 18 September 1830, Beaufort-Wes 6
Died 2 October 1879, Prince Albert, Cape Colony 7

 x Married Circa 1860
Frederik Hendrik Swanepoel

Barend Matthys Booyens 1835-1856
Born 15 January 1835, Evert Bron, Sout Rivier
Baptised 20 April 1835, Beaufort, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa
Died 13 June 1856, Antjes Fontein, Ghoup

 x Married 1 February 1853 Prince Albert
Margaretha Wilhelmina Freysen 1837-1882

Johannes Christoffel Booyens Born 1837
Born 4 August 1837 8
Baptised 1 October 1837, Beaufort 9

Johanna Susanna Magdalena Hermiena Booyens 1839-1856
Born 30 December 1839 10
Baptised 22 March 1840, Beaufort, Cape Colony 11
Died 9 July 1856, Antjesfontein, Zwartberg, Division of Beaufort 12

 x Married 8 January 1855
Karel Johannes Freysen

Susanna Petronella Jacoba Booyens 1841-1882
Born 31 December 1841, Antjesfontein, distrik Prins Albert 13
Baptised 28 March 1842, Beaufort, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa 14
Died 19 July 1882, Groot Constantia, distrik Winburg 15

Notes: Susanna was born on the farm Antjesfontein in the Prince Albert district on the very last day of the year 1841.
We know that James John Mitchell, the first son of Susanna and James John Mitchell was baptised in the Beaufort West church on 22 January 1660. This information comes from a note by a representative of the Dutch Reformed Church at Prince Albert dated 21 July 1883 [#1] . She bore James three more children.
On 29 January 1871 she serves as witness to a baptism in Prince Albert.[#2]
At some point before 30 September 1874 James John Mitchell dies, because on 30 September 1874 Susanna and her second husband, Petrus Hendrik Bredenkamp, file a will at Beaufort West [#3]. At this time they are still living on the farm Antjesfontein in the Prince Albert district where Susanna was born.
No death notice for James John Mitchell has been found.
Susanna dies on the farm Groot Constantia in the district of Winburg on 19 July 1882, a few days short of her fourtieth year.

#1: Prince Albert Dutch Reformed Church document in L&D account of Susanna Petronella Jacoba Booyens, Free State archives: VAB MHG Ref. B650 ONLINE: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-D1P3-VRX
#2: Baptism book of the Prince Albert Parish of the Dutch Reformed Church. ONLINE: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKX-V9CP-F
#3: Will James John Mitchell & Susanna Petronella Jacoba Booyens; Free State archives: VAB MHG Ref. B650 ONLINE: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-D1P3-2CP

 x Married (1)
James John Mitchell
 x Married (2)
Petrus Hendrik Bredenkamp

Matthys Christoffel Booyens 1845-1901
Born 17 August 1845
Baptised 25 December 1845, Beaufort
Died 2 September 1901, Kroonstad Concentration camp

 x Married 19 November 1866
Maria Catharina de Villiers

Jan Christoffel Anthony Booyens 1847-1921
Born 17 February 1847, Prince Albert
Baptised 2 May 1847, Beaufort
Died 1 September 1921, Lichtenburg, Transvaal

 x Married 25 November 1867 Prince Albert
Hendrika Jacoba Gross

Andries Gijsbert Booyens Circa 1850-1913
Born Circa 24 March 1850, Antjiesfontein, distrik Prins Albert 16
Died 24 September 1913, Parys, OVS 17

Notes: We have no idea how Andries Gysbertus' parents decided on his double name, because it is from neither the Booyens nor the Esterhuizen family.
We know six things about Andries: (1) he is born around 1850, (2) he marries an untracable lady named Janetta Susanna Meyer at an unknown place on an unknown date, (3) He has no children, (4) he serves regularly as witness to the baptisms by other couples, (5) he is captured and made POW during the Anglo Boer War, and (6) he dies on 24 September 1913 in Parys.

He is made POW by the invading British Army at Parys in the Free State Republic on 1 December 1900 [#1], at which time his age is entered as "50". He is registered as POW number 15701.

Anglo-Boer War Museum Database: LINK

 x Married
Janetta Susanna Meyer

Notes: It has proved to be wholly impossible to find out anything about this lady. No baptism, no marriage, no death notice.... nothing whatsoever.

# References for the NOTES of Matthys Booyens

#1. Beaufort Opgaaf J11 (1824) : https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1951-24174-25413-90? entry 19 for Barend Matthys Booyens in the Traka District shows one son, who has to be Matthys.

#2. Beaufort Opgaaf J12 (signed off as 1826): https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-24174-26988-31? Entry 68. Folio 29, bearing the name of the district, is gone. We may assume, however, that the family is still in the Traka, as they will still be there in 1828.

#3. Beaufort Opgaaf J13 (1828): https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:33S7-9TR5-BJH? Entry 43 for the Traka (Folio 28)

#4. Beaufort Opgaaf J14 (1829): https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1951-24262-50717-91 J14 entry 54 (No area specified, but we take it to be the Traka) image 6

#5. Baptism Books of the Winburg Parish of the Dutch reformed Church: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-909-48694-15721-9

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