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Matthys Johannes Booyens

Sara Susanna Snyman

Petrus Johannes Booyens

Gesina Maria Botha

Pieter Johannes Booyens

Born 31 January 1883 1
Baptised 25 March 1883, Oudtshoorn 2
Died 13 December 1972, Bethlehem, OFS 3


Pieter is born at Rietvlei in the Oudsthoorn district, but his parents move to the Free State around 1887.

The family is in the Winburg Concentration Camp in 1901, because his youngest sister dies there in that year. Pieter himself is likely on commando, fighting the British, because he is 18 years old and of fighting age.

By the 1920s the family appears to be in the hamlet of Rosendal, in the centre of the triangle created by Ficksburg, Bethlehem, and Senekal in the grain country of the Free State. We know this from the fact that peier's eldest daughter, Magdalena, is born there.

By the 1940s, the family lives at 12 Mill Street, Bethlehem. At least five of his children, men and women, are married out of that home in the town.

Thirty years later, in 1972, Pieter dies in Bethlehem.

Pieter's death notice [#1] lists all the children shown here, except Magdalena ELizabeth. Some study reveals that she passed away around 1972, a little before her father. According to the Afrikaner Naming Convention, the first daughter in the family would be named Magdalena Elizabeth for the wife's mother. The second would be named for the husband's mother, Gesina Maria. The third would be named for the wife herself, Anna Maria Etrezia.

A marriage entry for a Magdalena Elizabeth Booyens was duly found in the Bethlehem church books and her estimated date of birth fits well with a gap in her series of siblings. Moreover, her home address at the time of the marriage is identical to that of the other siblings.

We suspect there may be a further sibling, named for Pieter's eldest sister Elizabeth Anna Margaretha. We do not have any evidence other than the almost disturbingly reliable Naming Convention. That speculative daughter would fit between Anna Maria Etrezia and Marthina Johanna, about whom we know nothing beyond what is in Pieter's death notice.

For the references, see below#

Married on unknown date at Thaba 'Nchu 4

Anna Maria Etresia Caalsen Born 1898

Pieter Johannes
1918 -

Benjamin Jacobus Caalsen
1919 -

Matthys Johannes
b. c1923

Magdalena Elizabeth
1924 -

Gesina Maria
b. c1925

Johannes Mattheus
1928 -

Anna Maria Etrezia
1930 -

Marthina Johanna

Children of Pieter Johannes Booyens and Anna Maria Etresia Caalsen

Pieter Johannes Booyens 1918-1984
Born 23 August 1918 5
Died 29 March 1984, Standerton 6

Notes: Pieter is named for his paternal grandfather, and his father happens to have the same name.

 x Married 31 March 1942 Bethlehem 8
Maria Magdalena van Loggerenberg 7 1924-2006
Born 30 January 1924 9
Died 7 June 2006, Louis Trichardt 10

Benjamin Jacobus Caalsen Booyens 1919-1997
Born 27 September 1919 11
Died 1 February 1997, Reitz 12

Notes: In keeping with the naming convention, Benjamin, the second son, is named for his maternal grandfather. We know Benjamin survived, married, and had progeny, because on 14 April 2000 a marriage took place between a Benjamin Jacobus Caalsen Booyens and an Antoinette Basson. However, there is not yet a confirmed genealogical link between the two men, though it would be logical to conclude that the later Benjamin is the grandson of the earlier, the triple name being unique.

Matthys Johannes Booyens Born Circa 1923
Born Circa 1923 13

Notes: His father's name already having been used, Matthys is named for his father's eldest brother.

 x Married 1 June 1946 Bethlehem 14
Jacoba Wilhelmina van Tonder 1925-1983
Born 25 June 1925 15
Died July 1983 16

Magdalena Elizabeth Booyens 1924-1972
Born 18 October 1924, Rosendal 17
Died 6 July 1972 18
Buried Kwazulu-Natal, Estcourt, Main Cemetery 19

Notes: Magdalena Elizabeth is the first daughter and is named for her mother's mother, Magdalena Elizbeth Lubbe. Her marriage of 1946 not only shows her father's signature at the bottom, but her home address as given on the marriage entry is identical to that of her siblings at the time of their marriages in Bethlehem. As yet, no baptism for this lady has been located.

 x Married 29 June 1946 Bethlehem 20
Christiaan Johannes Coetzee 1924-1983
Born 9 September 1924 21
Died 25 November 1983, Estcourt, Natal 22
Buried Kwazulu-Natal, Estcourt, Main Cemetery 23

Gesina Maria Booyens Born Circa 1925
Born Circa 1925 24

 x Married 19 January 1946 Bethlehem 25
Daniel Albert Lehman Marais 1924-2006
Born 22 February 1924 26
Died 15 October 2006, Johannesburg 27

Johannes Mattheus Booyens 1928-1996
Born 4 December 1928 28
Died 5 May 1996, Pretoria 29

Notes: As fourth son, Johannes Mattheus is named for his mother's eldest brother. This is perfectly in keeping with the Afrikaner Naming Convention. Sometime after 1947 Mattheus marries Anna Sophia Kotze Olivier in Bethlehem. Anna is the daughter of Abel Jacobus Olivier of Bethlehem and Dina Maria Christina Steyl of Clarens [#1]. They stay there until at least October 1973, when their joint Will is drawn up there. When Anna passes away in 1976, the couple is resident in Bloemfontein.

#1. Marriage books of the Dutch Reformed Church Parish of Bethlehem. The books cover the period 1923-1947. The marriage is on 2 March 1926. The marriage documents are online at LINK

 x Married unknown date Bethlehem 31
Anna Sophia Kotze Olivier 30 1934-1976
Born 17 May 1934, Bethlehem 32
Died 24 August 1976, Bloemfontein 33

Anna Maria Etrezia Booyens 1930-2000
Born 24 October 1930 34
Died 24 December 2000, Pretoria 35

 x Married (1) 2 April 1949 Bethlehem 36
Jan Hendrik Viljoen Born Circa 1928
Born Circa 1928

 x Married (2) Before 1963 (Unknown Place)
Pieter Andries van der Westhuizen 1923-1982
Born 5 January 1923, Philippolis 37
Died 18 April 1982, Bloemfontein 38

 x Married (3) 11 November 1983 (Unknown Place) 40
Petrus Jacobus Kitching 39

Marthina Johanna Booyens

Notes: Marthina Johanna is named for her mother Anna Maria Etresia's eldest sister, who happens to be married to Pieter Johnnes' eldest brother, Johannes Matthys.
Please see her Oosthuysen husband's notes. We believe a single child out of her first mariage is erroneously listed on her second husband's death notice.

 x Married (1)
Unknown Gibhard
 x Married (2) 19 December 1968  41
Andries B. Oosthuizen 1926-1989
Born 14 August 1926, Harrismith 42
Died 3 November 1989, Vereeniging 43

Notes: There is confusion in the matter of this potential husband. A lady named Marthina Johanna Gibhard (a surname well established in the Harrismith area) marries Andries Bartholomeus Oosthuizen in Harrismith on 19 December 1968. Most peculiarly, she has children (both majors in 1989) named Pieter Johannes and Anna Maria Etroesia. These are precisely the names of the mother and father of Marthina Johanna Booyens. While "Pieter Johannes" is a common double name, the triple name "Anna Maria Et(h)resia/Etroesia" is essentially unique. This leads us to believe that the lady is Marthina Johanna Booyens, and that she was first married to gentleman by the surname of Gibhard, and then subsequently to A B Oosthuizen. Considering the listing of chldren on the death notice of AB Oosthuizen, it is concluded that the son named Pieter Johannes Gibhard was the only surviving child born from the first marriage. All the other children bear the surname Oosthuysen

# References for the NOTES of Pieter Johannes Booyens

#1. Free State Archives, VAB MHG Ref. 2241/72 Estate Files of the Late Booyens, Pieter Johannes. LINK

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