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Pieter Johannes Booyens
Died 1832

Susanna Human
Died 1820

Matthys Johannes Booyens

Sara Susanna Snyman

Petrus Johannes Booyens

Born 2 May 1841 1
Baptised 12 September 1841, George 2
Died 23 May 1915, Police Station, Ficksburg, OFS 3


Pieter Johannes baptises a number of children in the Dutch Reformed Church in Oudtshoorn, and then moves with his family to the Winburg district of the northern Free State Republic where at least three more children are born. The odd thing is that the De Rust farm stays in the hands of the family and that he, as eldest son, prefers instead to leave for the Free State Republic. Traditionally, it is the younger sons that leave.

The Membership book of the Winburg Parish of the Dutch Reformed Church shows Pieter registering with the church on 1 December 1888 (written into the books on 11 February 1889). The entry before his shows Gesina Maria Botha as registered on 5 February 1887 (written in on 22 January 1889)and as (oddly) coming from the parish of Edenburg in the Free State.

The baptisms of their first two children presumed to be born in the Free State have not been found, but that may be due to the fact that the books for Oct 1890- September 1892 are not accessible. Nor are those of several subsequent periods in the 1890s.

The year 1901 finds Pieter and his family in the British Concentration Camp at Winburg. On 20 November 1901 they lose their 12 day old unbaptised baby daughter, Gezina Maria, to the harsh conditions [#2].

On 23 May 1915, Pieter dies in the Police Station in Ficksburg, at the foot of the Maluti Mountains. His death notice is completed in 1917, also in Ficksburg, where his widow signs the document, indicating that they have retired to Ficksburg.

Pieter has outlived 5 of his ten children. A number of them die in infancy, including both daughters named after Gesina.

For the references, see below#

Married 27 May 1879 at Oudtshoorn 4

Gesina Maria Botha1855-1900
of Grootkraal , District Oudtshoorn 5

Matthys Johannes
1880 -

Theunis Jacobus
1881 -

Pieter Johannes
1883 -

Elizabeth Anna Margaretha
1884 -

Johannes Hendrik
1887 -

Sarah Susanna Petronella
b. c1889

Gesina Maria
1892 -

Theunis Jacobus
1894 -

Willem Jacobus
c1896 -

Gesina Maria
Born and died

Children of Petrus Johannes Booyens and Gesina Maria Botha

Matthys Johannes Booyens 1880-1968
Born 28 February 1880, Oudtshoorn
Baptised Circa 1880, Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony
Died 28 July 1968, Bethlehem

 x Married 6 October 1903 Mushroom Valley in the district of Winburg
Susanna Johanna Margaretha van Rensburg 1883-1957

Theunis Jacobus Booyens 1881-1889
Born 18 July 1881 6
Baptised 4 September 1881, Oudtshoorn 7
Died young, likely Between 1889 and August 1994 8

Pieter Johannes Booyens 1883-1972
Born 31 January 1883
Baptised 25 March 1883, Oudtshoorn
Died 13 December 1972, Bethlehem, OFS

 x Married on unknown date Thaba 'Nchu
Anna Maria Etresia Caalsen Born 1898

Elizabeth Anna Margaretha Booyens 1884-1917
Born 26 October 1884 9
Baptised 21 December 1884, Oudtshoorn 10
Died Before April 1917 11

Johannes Hendrik Booyens 1887-1917
Born 12 January 1887 12
Baptised 1 May 1887, Oudtshoorn 13
Died Before April 1917 14

Sarah Susanna Petronella Booyens Born Circa 1889
Born Circa 1889 15

Notes: The only formal evidence we have of Sarah's existence, is the listing of her name on her father's 1917 death notice and in a death notice for her husband. We have found no death notice for her, no baptism entry, no birth registration, no recorded marriage anywhere. In her father's 1917 death notice (VAB MHG B4304) it is recorded that she is already married at that time to "Wm v.de Vlies."
By the Afrikaner Naming Convention, the second daughter should bear the name of the husband's mother. Pieter Booyens' mother is Sara Susanna Snyman. This leads us to conclude that Sarah Susanna is the second daughter. Since we have a known birth date for Gesina, who has to be the third daughter, named for the wife, it places the birth of Sarah around 1889-1890
Any help in clarifying the picture around this lady would be most welcome.

 x Married Before 1917  16
Willem van der Vlies Died 1939
Died 1939 17

Gesina Maria Booyens 1892-1893
Born 12 December 1892 18
Baptised 2 April 1893, Winburg 19
Died Between 1893 and 1901 20

Theunis Jacobus Booyens 1894-1962
Born 10 August 1894, Winburg
Died 1 May 1962, Bloemfontein

 x Married 11 February 1919 Ficksburg, OFS
Johanna Jacoba Wilken 1899-1980

Willem Jacobus Booyens Circa 1896-1971
Born Circa 1896
Died Before 1971

 x Married Circa 1916
Marthina Johanna Caalsen 1896-1971

Gesina Maria Booyens Born and died 1901
Born 8 November 1901, Winburg Concentration Camp 21
Died 20 November 1901, Winburg Concentration Camp 22

# References for the NOTES of Petrus Johannes Booyens

#1. Membership book of the Winburg Parish of the Dutch Reformed Church: Annual Period ending September 1889. LINK

#2. Concentration Camp Project Database LINK . See also Death Notice VAB MHG Vol. 0 System 01 Ref. B2517 ( 1901)

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