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Elizabeth Catharina Strydom

of Swartruggens district of Graaff-Reinet 1
Baptised 30 July 1724 2
Died 1814 3


Sixth and last child--and second daughter--of Matthys Strijdom and Elisabeth/Isabeau Nortje.

This indomitable lady, now 90 years old, is still alive and living with her bachelor son, Barend, in the Zwartruggens in Feb-March 1814 when the 1813 Graaff-reinet Opgaaf [#1] is done. Amazingly, she lists no property, no animals....but she lists 4 male slaves, one male slave under 16 years of age, and two female slaves over 16. Her son, at the same time, lists 17 Hottentots and one male slave, while his ordinary property is a horse & cart, one wagon with 16 draught oxen, 30 breeding cattle, and 310 sheep. There is no clarity on what 17 Hottentots and 8 slaves would be doing on a farm with so little property.

Elizabeth does not appear in the 1814 Muster list [#2] taken in 1815. We conclude she died during 1814.

For the references, see below#

Married 28 January 1748 at Drakenstein 4

Barent Booyens Died Circa 1801
Stock Farmer in the Southern Graaff-Reinet "Colonie" 5


d. c1816

Petrus Johannes


Children of Elizabeth Catharina Strydom and Barent Booyens

Geertruida Booyens
Baptised 22 December 1748, Drakenstein 6

Notes: We know nothing more about this child. No marriage has been traced for her and no baptisms of children. Since no death notice has been found for either of her parents, we do not know whether she is somehow alive at the time of death of either parent. Until such time as evidence to the contrary is found, we are forced to conclude that she died young. Had she lived, she would have been a grown woman and "out of the house" by the time her father's name appears on any muster list/census, at which time children living with the parent would have been listed. The 1800 muster roll [#1] certainly shows Barent and his wife, but lists no children in the home with them.

#1. Cape Archives, Graaff-Reinet Opgaaf (1800), J118 : Folio 23; LINK (image 67)

Mattheus Booyens Died Circa 1816
Baptised 29 November 1750, Drakenstein
Died Circa 1816, George District, Cape Colony

 x Married 16 March 1777
Anna Gouws Died 1843
Great-granddaughter of French Huguenot refugee André Gauche

Petrus Johannes Booyens Died 1836
Baptised 5 August 1753, Drakenstein
Died After 1836, Swartruggens district of Graaff-Reinet

 x Married 25 January 1778
Maria Magdalena Breitenbach Died 1822

Barend Booyens Died 1840
Baptised 19 September 1755, Drakenstein
Died 4 July 1840, Swanepoelspoort, Swartruggens, Cape Colony

 x Married 2 February 1823 Graaff-Reinet
Jacomina Hendrina van Jaarsveld 1785-1872

# References for the NOTES of Elizabeth Catharina Strydom

#1. Cape Archives, Graaff-Reinet Opgaaf 1813 (taken Feb-Mar 1814) J140 p.147, https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-24423-29552-57 (image 212)

#2. Cape Archives, Graaff-Reinet Opgaaf 1814 (taken Feb-Mar 1815) ( marked 1815) J142 p.91 https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1942-24423-31444-6 (image 47)

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